Legal counsel to Central Térmica Roca S.A., an Albanesi Group company located in Argentina, in an international secured financial loan for an aggregate of $ 30,000,000 granted by Credit Suisse International –as lender – and Credit Suisse AG, London Branch -as administrative agent. In addition, ICBC Bank Argentina S.A. –as arranger and administrative agent -, Banco Itaú Argentina S.A. –as arranger – and Banco de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires granted Central Térmica Roca un domestic sindicated loan for an aggregate of AR$ 85,000,000. The loans were granted to finance (i) refurbishing of the turbine located in the company’s 126 MW electricity generation plant; (ii) its conversion to dual mode in order to enable it operate both with natural gas and gas oil; and (iii) the construction of certain facilities within the plant (2012).