On January 2 the Ministry of Energy and Mining (hereinafter, the “MEyM”) and the Ministry of Production (hereinafter, the “MP” for its Spanish acronym), issued Joint Resolution No. 4-E/2017 (hereinafter, the “Resolution”), which introduced the applicable procedure so as to obtain a “Critical Project” status, in the terms of Section 34 of Law No. 26.422 (hereinafter, the “Law”).

Section 34 of the Law foresees an exemption from import duties, statistic rates and tax-checking duties with regards to new imported goods, which are destinated to infrastructure works related to: (i) generation, transportation and distribution of electric energy, (ii) oil and gas up-stream and down-stream; (iii) construction of oil processing plants and expansion of those already in use; and (iv) oil and gas transportation, storage and/or distribution.

The Resolution is applicable to owners of wind farm projects, which have been awarded with a PPA under RenovAr 1, 1.5, and Resolutions No. 202/2016 and 168/2017 issued by the MEyM.

Main aspects of the Resolution are summarized below:

  1. Beneficiaries

    As indicated above, the Resolution shall only apply to owners of wind farm projects that have executed a PPA within RenovAr 1, 1.5 and Resolutions 202/16 and 168 /2017. Thus, the application of the benefits contained therein is not applicable to those projects under RenovAr 2.

  2. Comprised Goods

    The benefits are only applicable in regards to wind turbine generators (equal or greater than 700 kW), with tariff code 8502.31.00, as per indicated in the respective inclusion certificate. In the event that these wind turbine generators –and is tariff code- was not contained in the inclusion certificate, the applicants may request the Sub-Secretariat of Renewable Energy its insertion thereto.

  3. Application of the tax benefit

    The beneficiaries will benefit of this tax benefit to the extent that the exempted goods are solely allocated to the wind farm projects mentioned above.

  4. Time frame

    The “Critical Project” status may be requested until January 31, of current 2018, whereby the importation of the wind turbines must be complied on or before December 31, 2019.

  5. Applicable procedure

    The procedure establishes, inter alia, the following steps that must be complied so as to obtain the “Critical Project” status: (i) a benefit request application must be submitted before the MEyM; (ii) the “Company Information” form must be attached to such request; (iii) legal representative’s faculties must be accredited, (iv) project individualization; (v) affidavit that the applicants are not included in any of the Subsections a) and d) of Section 12 of Law No. 26.360; (vi) incorporation of the applicable goods to the Inclusion Certificate request, if applicable; and (vii) compliance of Hazardous Waste Law No. 24.051 and Chemicals Components Law No. 24.040 affidavit.

    Once the requirements have been fulfilled, a first stage of analysis by CAMMESA is carried out, jointly with the Direction of Renewable Energies. If documentation and/or information is uncompleted or insufficient, these organisms may, an additional 10 day term is contained so as to comply with such requirements.

    The procedure concludes with a Resolution to be issued by Sub-Secretariat of Renewable Energy, which shall be notified to the applicant and informed to the MP and AFIP.

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