We officially launched our new maternity and paternity policy aimed to grant more benefits to the members of the Firm during their first years of parenthood. This new policy looks to support those parents that work at the Firm in their professional careers and accompany them to boost their possibilities to the top.

The new benefits’ policy is based in three main phases:

  • Immediately after the birth or adoption of a child: An additional month to the mothers´ -or primary caretaker- paid leave, aside from the three months granted by law and without detriment of the leave of absence option. Two weeks paid leave to the partner of the primary caretaker.
  • Soft landing during the child´s first two years: An ad hoc system to grant work flexibility combining remote work and office time, and a flexible schedule to take care of unexpected daily family situations.
  • From the 2nd year until the end of elementary school: Wide schedule flexibility to attend children’s needs (education, health, etc) and contingencies.
  • Pumping room: The incorporation of an exclusive space within TRSyM offices with the adequate hygiene and comfort conditions to promote breastfeeding.

Marcelo R. Tavarone, Managing Partner, said regarding this new measure that “we are very happy to present this new policy that will support our team during their parenthood, aimed to boost their possibilities while promoting the relationship with their children, parenting, and preserving their personal wellbeing.”

Juan Pablo Bove, member of the Firm’s Administration Committee, stated that “the policy is focused in diversity, as it erases traditional ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ roles and is orientated to the primary caretaker of a child and to those who accompany them, without focusing in specific genre matters that aren’t part of TRSyM’s vision.”


Read here the complete document with the terms of this policy.