On January 10th, Disposition No. 1-E/2018 (hereinafter, the “Regulation”) issued by the Renewable Energy Sub-Secretariat (“SSER”, for its Spanish acronym) was published in the Official Gazette. The Regulation sets guidelines regarding the registration of the renewable energy generation projects (the “Projects”) before the National Renewable Energies Project´s Registry (“RENPER” for its Spanish acronym) and priority dispatch.

The Main aspects of the Regulation are summarized below:

  1. Priority Dispatch

    • If priority dispatch requests exceed the available capacity, the tiebreak shall be done according to the energy generation factor and requested tax benefits
    • If the owner of the Project is awarded priority dispatch and fails to submit the guarantee, priority dispatch for the same Project cannot be requested for at least four (4) quarters
    • Priority dispatch can be requested for a part of the total capacity of the Project
    • The expansion of transmission capacity which provoked the congestion will extinguish priority dispatch
    • Priority dispatch for future expansions of transmission capacity is regulated
    • Priority dispatch for expansions of transmission capacity on behalf of the Owner of the Project is regulated
  2. Investment Reference Values (in USD/MW)
    Wind Energy 1.250.000
    Photovoltaic Solar Energy 850.000
    Biomass (combustion and gasification) 3.000.000
    Biogas 5.500.000
    Sanitary Landfill Biogas 2.500.000
    Small Hydro 3.000.000
  3. Maximum Amount of Tax Benefits (in USD/MW)
    Wind Energy 625.000
    Photovoltaic Solar Energy 425.000
    Biomass (combustion and gasification) 1.500.000
    Biogas 2.750.000
    Sanitary Landfill Biogas 1.250.000
    Small Hydro 1.500.000

    • The registration before the RENPER shall be done by a formal presentation before the Renewable Energy Sub-Secretariat, that will be replaced, in the future, by Distance Procedure Platform (“TAD”, for its Spanish acronym)
    • Projects who have qualified under Program RenovAr are exempted to submit the technical information and are entitled to request the Inclusion Certificate for the tax benefits approved by the pertaining RenovAr Round up to the maximum available value
    • Registration procedure, requests and compliance deadlines are regulated
    • The RENPER will be made public at the Ministry of Energy and Mining´s website

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