On April 3rd, 2019, the National Securities Commission (the “CNV“) issued General Resolution Nº 789/2019. It amended prior CNV rules in order to facilitate the registration processes with this authority.

In such respect, CNV established that:

  • the attendance of an attorney in fact duly authorized will suffice for a foreign company to participate in a shareholder meeting. In this regard, an attorney in fact shall be considered duly authorized as follows:
    • the legal representative appointed for the Argentine Republic;
    • any person with a power granted by the legal representative in the Argentine Republic or by a person authorized in accordance with the rules of the country of origin under the terms of Section 239 of the Law Nº 19,550; and
    • any person with a power granted abroad by an authorized person in accordance with the legal requirements of the country of origin and with applicable rules for foreign documents in Argentina.
  • Furthermore, companies whose register of entry shares were issued in accordance with Section 208 of the General Corporations Law, may replace the Stock Registry Book and the Book of Assembly Attendance traditional paper format by a new computerized system by applying for an authorization before the CNV. The original documents must be kept in paper format at the registered office.

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