Through Communication “A” 6765, issued on 08/28/2019 and effective immediately, the Argentine Central Bank established that prior consent of the Central Bank will be required for financial entities to grant new financing in Argentine pesos to all clients that fit the definition of “Large Exporting Companies” as provided by said Communication.

In accordance with the Communication, clients that belong to the non-financial private sector whose exports of goods and services of the past year represent at least 75% of their total sales and, in turn, have a total amount of financing in Argentine pesos greater than AR$ 1.5 billion will be considered Large Exporting Companies.

To determine such percentage of total sales, the Communication excludes sales made in the domestic market to related customers -except in the case of sales of goods to distribution companies for sale in the domestic market- and industrial exports made under international complementation agreements to which Argentina is a party.

The different types of financing that fall under the regulation are, namely, all financings that involve disbursements of funds -whatever the modality used- and/or the extensions of limits of credit in the form of advance on an account, renewals, extensions or any other form of refinancing.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mariano Rovelli and Eugenia Pracchia.