Following the trend adopted by the Superintendence of Corporations (“Superintendence”) this year regarding Simplified Companies (“SAS”), on May 6, General Resolution 22/2020 (“RG IGJ 22/2020”) was published in the Official Gazette, which tightens the level of supervision for this type of company.

The RG IGJ 22/2020 provides mechanisms for obtaining information and measures to determine the business development of the SAS, registered both in the public registry of the City of Buenos Aires (“CABA”) and other local jurisdictions, in relation to the ownership by this type of companies of property rights over real estate located in the CABA. The intention of the regulator would be to be able to determine if said ownership is alien to the corporate purpose. For this, the resolution provides for collaboration between the Superintendence and the Registry of Real State of the City of Buenos Aires, to obtain information on the existence of transactions regarding real estate rights in which the acquirers, creditors or assignees, fully or acting as trustees, are SAS.

If, based on such information, the regulator determines that those properties are not related to the development or financing of an organized economic activity of production of goods and services conducted by the SAS, the Superintendence will promote -or entrust the Public Ministry Prosecutor- the corresponding legal actions to declare the disregard of the legal entity. In turn, the Superintendence will be empowered to adopt additional measures if it deems it necessary.

In the same sense, note that on May 4, the Superintendence published General Resolution 20/2020, through which it modified article 38 of General Resolution 6/2017, establishing that for the registration of the appointment of administrators, those who are domiciled abroad must file the powers-of-attorney granted to their representatives, which may only be granted in favor of the directors of the  residing in the Argentine Republic.

We also refer to our other Newsletters (see General Resolution IGJ 9/2020 and General Resolution IGJ 17/2020) in relation to the latest regulations applicable to SAS.

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