On April 23, 2020, the Superintendence of Corporations (“Superintendence”) published General Resolution No. 17/2020 (“RG IGJ 17/2020”) in the Official Gazette, by which Section 2 of the General Resolution IGJ No. 8/2017 on Simplified Companies (“SAS”) was repealed.

The repealed rule expressly provided for the possibility of incorporating the SAS through an “electronic document with electronic or digital signature of its grantors, where only the last of the partners to be signing should execute the document with a digital signature in order to finalize the document with all the properties and assurances provided by said digital signature.” Regarding the differences between electronic and digital signature, we refer to the Newsletter published on March 23, 2020.

On the contrary, RG IGJ 17/2020, construing that RG IGJ 8/2017 contradicted both the provisions of Law No. 27,439 and the National Civil and Commercial Code, established that all partners must digitally sign the incorporation of the SAS. Also, for SAS already registered -without any digital signature of all its members-, provided a maximum period of 90 days  to comply with said requirement, under notice of proceeding in accordance with what current regulations enable.

In order to carry out said regularization, all partners must digitally execute a private instrument together with the legal representative of the SAS -whose signatures must be certified- in which those who have electronically signed the instrument establishing the company together with whoever has done it digitally: (i) expressly and reciprocally acknowledge their status as partners and their shareholding in the company, along with the individualization of the shares corresponding to each one of them; and (ii) ratify the provisions of the incorporation instrument and, when appropriate, those of any subsequent social agreement (in both cases with retroactive effect to the date thereof). Additionally, a one (1) day notice must be published in the Official Gazette, expressing the identification of its grantors and their shareholdings.

Finally, it should be noted that the Superintendence will not register any act without the prior or simultaneous registration of the required rectification.

Despite RG IGJ 17/2020 regulation, also on April 23, 2020, Provision 86/2020 was issued by the National Directorate of National Registers of Automotive Property and Pledge Credits, which extended the term of suspension for granting digital signatures until May 31 of the current year.

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