On January 11th, Necessity and Urgency Decree No. 27/2018 (hereinafter, the “Decree”) was published on the Official Gazette. The Decree introduces a great number of amendments to current rules in order to reduce bureaucracy and simplify the procedures before the National Public Administration. The declared aim of the Decree is to promote investment, productivity, employment and social inclusion.

Decree´s main amendments

  • SENASA: Certain rules regarding food safety and quality service were abrogated in order to avoid duplicate regulation.

    • Digital Registries are established for account and corporation books as prescribed for Simplified Corporations (“SAS”, for its Spanish acronym)
    • Section 34 of Law No. 19,950 was replaced, forbidding the performance of a hidden or pretended partner. Joint liability of the pretended partner is also established.
    • The digitalization of Public Registries is also settled.
  • FONCDE: The object of the Development of Entrepreneur Capital Fund is modified, introducing the possibility to finance micro, small and medium companies.
  • ARGENTINEAN GUARANTEE FUND (FOGAR): this fund replaces the Micro, Small and Medium Company Guarantee Fund (FOGAPYME). FOGAR´s object is: (i) to grant guarantees on behalf of the ones issued by reciprocate guarantee corporations and (ii) offer direct and indirect guarantees in order to facilitate credit access for developers of economics or productivity activities.
  • EANASE: the National Air Transit Control Direction is dissolved and the Air Navigation Argentinean Company State Corporation is created under the National Ministry of Transport´s orbit, transferring the jurisdiction of the first to the latter.
  • ROAD SECURITY AND TRANSIT: The requirements that owners of vehicles destined to passenger and load transport need to comply with are amended. National Road Direction is assigned as the Enforcement Authority of road concession agreements.
  • TRADEMARK AND PATENTS: Trademark and patents’ registration procedure is amended and simplified, by the introduction of e-government systems.
  • RECIPROCATE GUARANTEE CORPORATIONS: It is strictly forbidden to grant guarantees higher than five per cent (5%) of the risk fund total value to one partner or third parties.
  • DIGITAL SIGNATURE: Electronic official documents digitally signed have the same effectiveness and probative value than their equivalents in paper format.
  • FOSSIL FUELS: the National Ministry of Energy and Mining is assigned as the Enforcement Authority of Hydrocarbons Law No. 17,319. Additionally, the Decree entitles the National Executive Branch to delegate certain powers to the Enforcement Authority.
  • GAS: Section 66 of Law No. 24,076 is amended, introducing the possibility to appeal the National Gas Regulatory Agency´s (ENARGAS, for its Spanish acronym) jurisdictional resolutions before the pertaining Federal Court of Appeal.
  • STATE´S PROPERTY ADMINISTRATION: Certain sections of Decree 1023/01 regarding public auctions as the Administration´s contracting procedure are amended. It is also foreseen the preferential application of public auction rather than direct contracting.
  • PUBLIC WORKS: Section 10 of Law No. 13,064 referred to public tenders´ publicity is amended.
  • SUSTENTABILITY GUARANTEE FUND: ANSES is now authorized to issue any financial and trading market operation allowed by regulatory authorities.
  • SECURITIES: Amendments are introduced regarding digital deliverance, endorsement, guarantee and acceptance of securities.
  • INSURANCES: Related to insurance agreement´s proof, amendments to Law No. 17,418 are introduced. Mandatory Collective Life Insurance Law No. 13,003 is abrogated prior issuance of a regulation regarding National Public Sector employee’s life insurance by National Insurance Superintendence.
  • PORTS: The authorization can now be granted by the pertaining Ministry, and not only by the Executive Branch. Regulations are issued in order to regularize the situation of existing ports and penalties are updated.
  • FINANCIAL INFORMATION UNIT: Certain sections of Law No. 25,246 are amended, settling new information obligations.
  • SOCIAL CAPITAL FUND: The idea of “extraordinary incomes” is included in the definition of “Annual Rent” settled by section 1 of Annex II of the Trust Agreement executed between the National State and FONCAP S.A. Additionally, Financial Services Secretariat is authorized to re-arrange the Trust Agreement.
  • PAINTINGS: Certain aspects related to the importation of paintings are amended.
  • METRIC SISTEM: The necessity to register in a specific registry is established.

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